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Type 1 Diabetes & Exercise

Have you ever wondered how to manage fluctuating blood glucose levels during exercise if you have type 1 diabetes? If you are someone who has type 1 diabetes, fluctuating blood glucose levels could be due to the intensity of exercise. Dr Carmel Smart is a practitioner and clinical researcher who is internationally recognised as a […]

How we think about exercise dictates whether we exercise or not!

Our thoughts affect what we do and how we feel. It may surprise you that one or two positive or negative thoughts can have a significant impact on your behaviour. A study conducted by Gyurcsik & Brawley (2000) demonstrated just how much an effect positive and negative thoughts can have on exercise behaviour. Negative thoughts […]

Exercise Improves Sleep

Sleep – it’s great, right? Everyone loves those nights when you get a solid 8 hours of decent sleep and I feel fairly confident in saying no one loves those nights where you toss and turn or just straight-up cannot sleep. Sleep is one of those things we know we know we need but most […]

Motivation to stay active during COVID-19

Like many others, I to had big plans for the year 2020. My plans for this year included travel, career development and completion of my first half marathon, just to name a few. However, with the growing uncertainty of COVID-19 this has all come to a devastating halt! At Bodyfit VIC we understand how overwhelming […]

Spinal Health During COVID-19

Whether it’s sitting for long periods of time in front of your computer, vegging out watching your favourite Netflix series or undertaking the daily commute to work, we are all guilty of sitting for WAY too long each day! Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles have been linked with an array of complications for the spine, as well […]

Strength Training for Runners

Strength training should be considered by anyone that runs frequently, either leisurely or competitively. Strength training when done correctly can prevent injuries while helping you to run faster, for longer and more efficiently! You don’t need to take my word for it, let’s have a look at some of the research! Research conducted by Storen […]

No bones about it..

In 2018 there will be over 16,5000 broken bones due to osteoporosis in Australia. Osteoporosis (OP) is a condition where the bone become brittle and fragile. OP is often referred  to as a “silent disease” due to the lack of symptoms it displays – often none until a fracture occurs. 1.2 million Australians are diagnosed […]

Orthopaedic Hip Surgery

Surgery is a daunting concept for anyone, regardless of the size or severity of the planned operation. With many things to consider including what to pack in your hospital bag, dreaded thoughts of complications, coping post-surgery or just simply undergoing an operation is a big deal for most people. Dealing with the after-effects of joint […]

Acute non-specific low back pain

Low back pain is a common occurrence for many people, particularly those whose work may involve a lot of manual labour, such as tradies. Acute pain refers to pain that started recently and non-specific means the cause of the pain is not always known. It is not caused by anything serious or trigged by arthritis, […]

Exercise & Cancer #1

Did you know in there is estimated to be 138,321 of new cancer cases diagnosed in 2018? With improvements in research measures, data has indicated between the period of 2009-2013, Australian’s that were diagnosed had a 68% chance of survival rate. In May 2018 the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia released a position statement on […]