Men’s Health Week 13 – 19 June 2016

June 16, 2016

By Bodyfit NT Exercise Physiologist Alex Bruggisser

Men’s Health Week is upon us! To celebrate, naturally we thought we ought to celebrate our menfolk, but then… We were struck down by some scary stats!!

It’s well-known that men don’t live as long as women – on average, they die 5 years earlier across the globe. A new study has shown that Western Australian men are not helping their situation with their lack of exercise. Less than half the men from WA were classed as ‘sufficiently active’ and almost 20% were completely inactive.

ESSA spokesperson, David Beard said, “Men just don’t move enough, pure and simple. Some think a round of golf on the weekend is enough to get their bodies moving, but the reality is, that is nowhere near good enough.”

More research shows that men are 50% more likely to die between the ages of 15 and 60, this is through a range of different conditions but includes cardiovascular, mental health and lung conditions. “Exercise is not just there to shift a beer belly, it’s there to help your body perform better and to reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions that lead to a shortened life.”

So, how much should you be doing??

The minimum activity levels you should be completing is 150 minutes of moderate activity (brisk walking) per week. It is also a recommendation to undertake at least two strength sessions a week.

The most popular reason for men not to move is that they don’t have the time. “When you add it up, 150 minutes a week is only 22 minutes a day. Everyone could find that if they made it a priority. It’s time for all men to take to take their health seriously. Getting fitter and stronger is the best thing they can do for long-term results.”

“Even if you are not happy to exercise for yourself, what about doing it for your loved ones? The wife, kids and grandchildren would really appreciate you being around for a lot longer!” explains David.

“Another reason why some men aren’t moving is because they are held back by an injury or live with a health condition. This shouldn’t be a reason to stop moving as you are actually doing more harm to your body. The stronger you are on the inside the more likely you are to heal. Find an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (your GP can refer you) and let them create an exercise plan to get you on track.”

Five Ways Men Can Increase Their Exercise

  1. Increase the Walking

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but a 20 minute fast-paced walk each day will do wonders for your health. Maybe it’s walking to work or setting the alarm a little earlier in the morning to take the dog out.

  1. Do more with the kids

Do you feel guilty that you don’t spend enough quality time with the kids? Then why not include them in your exercise? Take them down to the park for a kick of a footy, a trip to the beach or a bike ride. Anything will do wonders for yours, and their health.

  1. Get involved in local sport

Have you ever thought about joining a local sports team? It doesn’t have to be something rough, even if it’s tennis or a hiking club – a great way to meet new people and improve your cardiovascular health.

  1. Challenge your mates

We all love a competition – start a challenge with your makes or co-workers and rev up the exercise. Maybe it’s a sports competition in the park or a walking challenge? Either way, get other people involved to help keep you on track.

  1. Make use of equipment at home

You don’t need a fancy weight machine to do strength training. All you need is a couple of bricks, a wheelbarrow or even a couple of tins or beans. Anything that can help you work those muscles.

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