New Study: Fitness and Academic Achievement

March 11, 2016

By Bodyfit NT Exercise Physiologist Alex Bruggisser

A spanking new study released by the American College of Sports Medicine has looked into the long-term relationship between fitness and academic achievement.

The study followed nearly 1,300 boys and girls aged between 11-14 year olds, and broke them into 3 groups – those who were persistently active (fit-fit), those who were inactive and became active (unfit-fit) and those who were persistently inactive (unfit-unfit).

The results showed that students in the fit-fit children group had increased odds of higher levels of academic achievement when compared to their unfit-unfit classmates. Students who became active (unfit-fit), also had better results than those who remained inactive (unfit-unfit).

So essentially being active and staying active is not just good for our bodies but good for our brains as well!

More research needs to be done to work out the frequency, intensity and type of exercise most effective for boosting our brains – stay tuned!

Want to know more? Access the official study abstract here: