“While I was going through my treatment for breast cancer, I went to the NT Cancer Council support group to meet other ladies going through the same process. I met Kia at one of these meetings after I had done 6 months of Chemotherapy, and thought she did a marvellous job explaining how exercise helps patients recover quicker.

I was about to embark on Radiation treatment and would be off work for 6 weeks so I needed a program not only to help me get fit but to help me get back on track. I so wanted to get back in the pool for competitive swimming. Kia’s program is portable and I took it to Brisbane and really appreciated it. Kia supported me all the way through and was very encouraging.

I am now back in the water 4-5 times per week and I do over 5 kilometres per week. I have lost 5 kilos and 7 cms off my waist. Kia was right, exercise really does help you get fit, rids the body of toxins and helps with recovery. I would recommend her program to any one going through or recovering from any medical treatment. It was always nice to know Kia was there to support me. Thanks Kia for helping me through the early days and the rough patches.”

– Christina, Darwin

“I have spent 9 years overindulging in long client lunches and three course calorie laden dinners. Add to this, 80 hour working weeks, not much time to exercise, preferring to just sit in front of the TV and eat fat laden snacks on my time off.

It was nearly my 33rd birthday. I felt like i was 63. It was time for serious action. I looked in the yellow pages for a personal trainer. I had my first meeting with a Bodyfit NT trainer and I felt at ease. She said she could help.

My first training session wasn’t easy but at the end, I felt like I had to go on. I felt a rush that I had never felt before – my trainer was constant support, but firm at the same time. When i started – I couldn’t run at all, now I not only can run, I run some distance, I actually like it!! I felt right away that I could trust my trainer and 12 months on – she has never let me down.

The health benefits are endless – my skin is better, my hair and nails are better and I sleep better! My trainer will be with me for life.”

– Paula, Darwin

“I was an unfit size 16 and almost ready to move on to a size 18. I knew I finally had to do something about it as I was developing health problems. I was also due to get married the following year and wanted to have a baby. There was no way I was going to get married as a size 16 and definitely did not want to have a baby at that weight. I had always been fairly motivated at the beginning of an attempt to lose weight but always lost motivation when exercise became too hard.

I decided to use BodyFit NT for 3 sessions a week of personal training for 5 months. I felt that this would be enough time to get me into the swing of exercise again. For 3 days a week for 5 months my alarm went off at 5.30am and I went off to meet my personal trainer. As much as I liked her there were a lot of days when I just did not want to go. I made myself go though and it was the best thing I have ever done. My trainer pushed me just enough. She was understanding but knew when I was just making excuses for not pushing myself more. Over those 5 months my body shape changed dramatically and I began to enjoy exercise again. My fitness was improving immensely and I felt ready to continue my exercise routine on my own. I ended up losing a total of 18kg and went from a tight size 16 to a size 10 just in time for my wedding.

I am now expecting my first baby and couldn’t be happier with my new healthy body. I really don’t think I couldn’t have done it without my trainer. She was like a very supportive friend to me and as much as I hated the exercise in the beginning I enjoyed our sessions which made it a lot easier to get to the point where I started to enjoy the exercise part. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

– Kathryn, Darwin

“I chose Bodyfit NT because I saw that they do Medicare work; I wanted to be really confident a trainer would take into account medical conditions as well as my unfitness when designing a program. The results we got already were more that I thought possible and we usually have a good laugh in the sessions as well. Even small things have become much easier and I don’t feel wobbly on a bicycle any more, I walked up and down large sand dunes in the desert and I wear clothes I hadn’t worn for years.

Kia and her staff are friendly, professional and not at all intimidating; I’d recommend them to everyone.”

– Fiona, Darwin

“Over 40, want to get fit, cant stand the thought of being pounded to death by an over muscled and enthusiastic trainer?

Go and see Kia at Bodyfit NT. Kia has that unique knack of really bring in tune with her clients and you will have fun and reach your fitness goal before you know it without being in agony and having to brainwash yourself to attend your exercise sessions.

I have been going to Bodyfit NT for about 18 months. With fantastic help and encouragement from Kia we reached our target fitness levels and were able to undertake the Finke Desert Bike Race in 2008 and again in 2009 with improved success. We enjoyed ourseves so much at Bodyfit NT we have continued going after the race.”

– Jen, Darwin