Tradies National Health Month

August 3, 2016

Unfortunately it doesn’t come as a shock that statistically speaking, Australian tradespeople including labourers, technicians, machinery operators and drivers are among the top four occupations of serious injury claims! While there have been improvements, our tradies continue to have the highest health and safety claims of any sector (check out Australian Physiotherapy Association’s tradies health snapshot for the stats).

This month is Tradies National Health Month, aiming to bust open the risks to those who work in trade occupations and shine a spot light on the fact that a lot of these injuries are preventable. It’s not only the tradies who are affected, time off work due to poor health and injury has a significant impact on business, communities, the health system and the economy—and this impact will grow if we don’t take steps to change the attitudes of workplace health and safety.

The team behind Tradies National Health Month have partnered up with Physiotherapists and employers all around the country to create a network – from the top down. Tradies’ health is important and ‘she’ll be right’ just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Health is more than just the physical stuff. Do you know the steps to take?

Bodyfit NT and Bodyfit NT Occupational Health are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all workplaces. Specifically focusing on rehabilitation and return-to-work programs, our team are  the only Occupational  Health provider in Darwin  that  has  an onsite Physiotherapist, Occupational Nurse, and a team of highly experienced Exercise Physiologists with access to a  full in-house rehabilitation gym enabling assessment  and  treatment  in  the  one  location. Find out more information here.

Physiotherapy has more than just tradies’ backs

From musculoskeletal support, physiotherapists extend their care into chronic health impacts, like heart disease and diabetes, and the lesser-known pelvic floor issues men face. Physiotherapists are experts in helping to reduce the alarmingly common health and safety issues associated with working in labour intensive industries.

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